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Waeco Portable Fridge / Freezer
Waeco Portable Fridge / Freezer - 12 Volt Technology

See our huge range of Waeco 12 Volt portable Fridge and freezers. We also have special packages that are tailored so that you can save you even more money. Our huge range includes the CFX35, CFX40, CFX50, CFX65, and the CFX65DZ Dual Zone with Freezer.

Looking for Waeco Accessories to add to you Waeco Portable Fridge, then look no further we carry a huge range of accessories such as wireless Temperature senor, Fridge Stand and much more.

Take your time checking out our Waeco portable fridge and freezer selection as it is very extensive and has various packages.

Waeco Portable Fridge / Freezer - 12 Volt Technology


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Victron Inverter 1600W 24 Volt Phoenix Compact
Victron Compact 1200W 12Volt Inverter
Old Price: $1,683.47
New Price: $1,433.52


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